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PDO threads are on the cutting edge of esthetic procedures.  They are a non-invasive treatment that stimulates neocollagenesis through the body’s natural healing process, which increases collagen and elastin production and enhances blood flow.  This will tighten the skin and improve overall texture and tone.  PDO threads also give an immediate lift, and continuously improve results over time. While neurotoxins freeze muscles to smooth wrinkles and dermal fillers temporarily build volume and support, PDO threads add in the missing biostimulation that neurotoxins and dermal fillers cannot produce.   All three treatment modalities, in addition to medical grade skincare, microneedling, radiofrequency, and IPL treatments, can be used in conjunction to provide the all-encompassing results you desire!

There are two categories of PDO threads:

Smooth threads are great for patients looking for basic skin rejuvenation and tightening.  Smooth threads are mono-filament sutures placed in an ultra-thin walled sharp cannula.  The treatment area is marked depending on the patient’s goals, and the number of smooth threads is determined by the treatment result desired.  Most areas require anywhere from 5-30 threads depending on the treatment surface area.  

Lifting threads are perfect for patients looking for a non-surgical, immediate face lift and long-term collagen stimulation.  The lifting threads come as barbed or molded.  These engage the deeper layers of the skin in order to lift it.  Molded threads tend to be stronger and are best used in patients with heavier tissue.  All lifting threads are contained within a cannula, and are placed following anesthesia of the area with a separate cannula technique.  Treatment is usually done by ‘vectors’, with most involving the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jowls, and jawline.  


Perfect for acne scarring, plumping cheeks, filling those pesky “11’s”, facial scarring, necklace lines, “turkey neck”, and gorgeous lip borders!!  PDO threads can stimulate collagen and elastin production just about anywhere and are especially useful in sites where placing dermal fillers would be contraindicated.

·       Tensile strength – VSoft threads have 10 -20 times more tensile strength than other PDO threads on the market. This means they are stronger, less threads are required, results are longer-lasting, and recovery time is FASTER.  No need to look like a porcupine with tons of threads - if that’s what you’ve seen in the past, those providers are using the wrong threads and poor technique!

·       Multi-layer effects – At the intradermal level, collagen stimulation is achieved, and blood flow and metabolism are greatly improved at the area of treatment. This induces neocollagenesis for superior collagen production that is the highest for any PDO threads on the market. At the subdermal layer, natural lipolysis is stimulated in the fat compartment, decreasing adipocytes so that the adipose tissue is decreased.

·       Superior fixation – Vsoft’s proprietary threads, both the barbed and molded, provide superior fixation and hold. Along with the aforementioned improved tensile strength, less threads are required for every lift procedure than you would see with a lesser PDO thread from competitors. 

·       Precision cannulas – Each VSoft PDO thread is pre-loaded in a diamond cut, stainless steel precision cannula. 


For scars and static lines:

Acne scars, facial scars, and 11’s need collagen biostimulation to break up the scar tissue and/or static lines, and to allow your body to produce its own collagen and elastin to fill the dermis and epidermis with new fibers to repair the skin.  This non-invasive treatment begins by inserting a very thin cannula to place the threads, which allows for dislodging the patient’s scars at deeper levels of the skin. 

Once the threads are tightly in place, they form a mesh support network, keeping the skin smooth and tight. Over time, as the PDO threads dissolve, they stimulate collagen production and improve the health and pallor of the skin in the process. 

While results will be apparent right away, the full benefits will be seen at around 6 weeks, as the biostimulation rejuvenates the skin. Results with standard PDO threads may typically last for 1 - 2 years!

The reasons why this is the number 1 scar treatment basically boil down to the following:

·       It is more cost-effective than other treatments.

·       Results are immediate and long-lasting (especially with quality PDO threads.

·       Recovery time is 24 hours, with no strenuous activities recommended for 7 days.

·       The whole process typically takes less time than your average lunchbreak.

For lips:

When you hear the term ‘Vermillion Border’, this just refers to the red margins of your upper and lower lip, and it’s often a term synonymous with Cupid’s bow’, which simply defines the top portion of your lip that ideally makes a natural, perfect bow shape. 

Now that you know what the Vermillion Border is, what is a Vermillion Border Lip Outline treatment? Well, this is simply a popular non-surgical procedure that is used to rejuvenate your lips to give them the tightness and sure contours that they had in youth.

It’s not a ‘plumping’ treatment like lip fillers. With a VBLO, Dr Mathews takes small and dissolvable PDO threads for lips and uses them to smooth and tighten up existing lines. This results in finer definition and enhancement of your Cupid’s bow just below your nose and helps to restore the youthful curves in both the upper and lower lip.    

The results can be breathtaking and when combined with Dr Mathews’ techniques for lip filler, can give you the best looking and most natural lips you’ve ever had!!

Tissue tightening and fat loss:

One of the best side effects of PDO smooth thread treatment is the reduction of submental fat and tightening the skin of the neck and décolleté area.  That dreaded turkey neck and those pesky necklace lines can be sculpted with a series of smooth threads, and over time, as adipocytes shrink and fat melts away, neocollagenesis helps tighten the saggy skin.  

Oftentimes we combine both smooth and lifting PDO threads to accomplish what a patient is looking for in the neck area.  It’s an area that requires multiple modalities in addition to threads - it’s not uncommon to perform a Nefertiti neck lift with neurotoxin and a combination of microneedling, RF, and FR treatments to achieve the non-surgical results desired.

The best way to find out what treatments are needed for you is to request a complimentary total facial esthetic consult with Dr Mathews and receive your personalized treatment plan - no generic club memberships here!



During a thread lift, threads are inserted under the skin to immediately and effectively lift saggy skin. Threads are mainly used in the face and neck at Lagniappe Dental Spa, as Dr Mathews focuses on facial contouring and restoration. Thread lifts do not involve surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure and very safe and effective with little downtime, especially when performed by Dr Mathews right here in our office.


As we age, we lose volume in our face and as a result, our skin starts to sag. While neurotoxins such as Botox and Xeomin are great for smoothing wrinkles that are formed with movement, and fillers are great at restoring facial volume, there is still an unmet need: a nonsurgical way to effectively lift sagging skin and restore the face’s natural and youthful V-shape.

Although traditional facelift surgery is an excellent way to address sagging skin, it also carries with it a lot of expense and downtime. Many people are also afraid to “go under the knife” as you may not come out looking natural and liking the results—which, unfortunately, cannot be reversed.

The thread lift is the perfect solution to address sagging skin without surgery that looks natural and is also effective and safe when performed properly. It’s quickly becoming the treatment of choice, especially for busy individuals who need to quickly resume their daily activities.

Price varies for treatment area; please schedule your complimentary personal consult with Dr Mathews to discuss your individual needs.

What is a PDO thread 3-vector full face treatment?

A PDO thread 3-vector lift full face treatment forgoes surgery for a less invasive approach – lifting the muscle tissues by use of a barbed PDO thread such as VSoft lifting threads. Rather than focusing on a single vector of the face, 3 vectors are targeted at one – for instance, the orbital, nasolabial, and jowl area might be done, although the most common 3-vector lift is the nasolabial, marionette, and the jowls.

By lifting and tightening these areas, wrinkles on the skin are smoothed and the targeted 3 vectors of the face are simultaneously tightened in the process. If volume loss from aging is substantial, then fillers may be added around the 4 week post-op time frame, and dermabrasion or microneedling are a possibility at that time as well. The end result is more of a 3-dimensional approach that looks natural – not ‘stretched’.

Another nice perk of PDO lifts is that everything can likely be performed in the same session. That’s because the PDO thread lift is not only non-invasive, but it’s a procedure that only takes about half an hour per side to perform.

Dr Mathews will anesthetize the areas with a smooth cannula and then the threads are put into place with a separate cannula, pulled tight, and you’re done.

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘lunchtime lifts’, that’s where it comes from – a PDO thread lift is about as non-invasive as it gets. When you add in that recovery time from a facelift is typically 4 to 6 weeks, 2 of which you’ll likely need to wear a chin strap or wrap, it’s easy to see why so many people prefer a PDO thread lift to surgery.


  1. Instant lifting: People love the instant lift of sagging skin that takes years off the face.

  2. Natural results: Natural yet noticeable results can be achieved with the thread lift. There’s no worry of looking “over-pulled” or “wind-blown” as with a surgical face lift.

  3. Non-Surgical: Since the procedure doesn’t involve any cutting and incisions, it doesn’t leave any permanent scars like traditional facelift surgery.

  4. Minimal downtime: Because the procedure is far less invasive than a surgical facelift, the downtime is very minimal. Most people are able to return to work soon after the procedure. Icing the day of the procedure is very important - and no exercise for 7 days.  Bruising and swelling are common but usually minimal, so be prepared!

  5. Collagen stimulation: The threads stimulate your own skin to gradually produce more collage in the treatment areas over several months. You not only get the benefit of an instant lift, your skin also gets firmer and tighter over time!

  6. Cost-effective: Thread lift is a very cost-effective way to achieve a more youthful appearance compared to other esthetic procedures.

  7. Safety: The thread lift procedure is very safe. In fact, it can be even safer than dermal fillers. Although very rare, dermal fillers have a chance of being injected into blood vessels, which can result in skin necrosis or other major side effects. Since the threads are thin, they don’t have the potential to block blood flow in vessels. Also, since the procedure is done under local anesthetic, it doesn’t carry the risk of general anesthesia used in a traditional surgical facelift.


 Here at Lagniappe Dental Spa, thread lift treatments are only carried out by Dr Mathews, who has studied the procedures and researched the best products. You can rest assured that your treatment is safe, discreet, and professional. Your privacy is of the utmost important to us.  In addition, this is a procedure Dr Mathews and many of our team members have personally experienced, so we are well-versed to answer your questions and  help you through your post-op concerns!

VSoft Lift PDO threads provide longer-lasting results while stimulating neocollagenesis

Here at Lagniappe Dental Spa, Dr Mathews has chosen to use V Soft Lift PDO threads in her practice.  Here’s a few reasons why we’ve chosen the only FDA approved threads and cannulas:

·        Subdermal effects – At the subdermal level, VSoft Lift PDO threads stimulate lipolysis, which reduces the amount of adipose (fatty) tissue volume over time. This helps with the dreaded “turkey neck”.

·        Intradermal effects – At the intradermal level, increased blood flow and metabolism induce neocollagenesis to refresh and restore the skin.  This is a great indication for acne scarring and cheek plumping.

·        Specialized polymer coating – VSoft thread’s proprietary, FDA-approved design includes a polymer coating that enhances the tensile strength of the thread by as much as 10% to 20% more than comparable threads on the market.  For you, this means less chance of a broken thread!

·        Improved lift – Vsoft’s molded and barbed PDO threads provide superior lift, so that fewer threads are required for your lift procedure. That means a stronger hold to preserve your results and less recovery time for you!

·        Maximized collagen production – Vsoft threads provide the most biostimulation of any thread on the market, making them the thread of choice for high-end clinics around the world. 

PDO threads dissolve – Why is the PDO lift so popular?

Yes, PDO threads dissolve over time, but think about this – that 60-minute visit to our office for the lift treatment typically lasts between 18 - 24 months (although this will be less with patients below the age of 40). 

The thing is, PDO threads don’t simply dissolve, but rather stimulate neocollagenesis in your skin. This is a state where collagen production is boosted and increased blood flow is experienced, so that your skin is nourished and the color of youth slowly suffuses the skin once again.  As we age, we lose the ability to produce our own collagen and elastin.  A PDO thread lift helps stimulate our body’s own natural collagen and elastin production, which helps decrease the rate of aging of our skin - especially when combined with other treatments in our office that also stimulate neocollagenesis, such as RF, IPL, and microneedling treatments.  Plus, a good medical grade skincare system is a must to protect your investment!

As far as why so many prefer this over surgery, there are a number of reasons. First and foremost, most of us are not thrilled with the idea of surgical blades being used in as intimate a place as the face, but there is also the fact that a 3-vector lift costs approximately 80% less than the surgical alternative. When you add in that the recovery time is a matter of staying home for a recommended 24 hours with a possibility of light bruising, compared to 4 – 6 weeks (and 2 of those with a chin strap) for surgery then the appeal is clear.

PDO thread lifts give you the results that you want without the worry and without having to ‘hide out’ for a few weeks to ‘emerge’ with your new look – and this cost-effective treatment is accessible to whoever wants it!

Contact us today to find out if PDO threads are for you!  Dr Mathews offers complimentary total facial esthetic consultations and personalized treatment plans for each of her patients.  We also offer Care Credit and Cherry financing, in addition to in-office custom care plans.  

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