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Why CBD?

Often associated with promoting relaxation and sleep, CBD has commonly been used as a sedative at night. However,  CBD can also be utilized throughout the day to address various needs and achieve different effects. 

The key lies in finding the right dosage at the appropriate time to experience the desired outcomes. Here are two ways CBD can be incorporated into your daily routine:

  • CBD in the morning for focus: Starting the day with optimal focus is crucial for productivity and mental clarity. CBD taken in the morning can help promote a calmer state of mind without the side effects commonly associated with caffeine. 
  • CBD at night for relaxation: After a long day, CBD can help you transition into a parasympathetic state, also known as the "rest and digest" mode. By activating the body's endocannabinoid system, CBD can help achieve a state of relaxation and promote better sleep quality.

Why Use Corganics® Clinical CBD?

While CBD has a wide range of potential benefits, not every CBD product is ideal or even safe for consumers. Some CBD companies inaccurately label their products while others get their ingredients from low-quality sources. These sad truths are exacerbated by the fact that many retail CBD companies do little to no third-party testing for safety, potency or quality.

At Corganics®, we make every effort to ensure that we provide the best clinical grade CBD products to health care professionals. We monitor every step of the supply chain, from USA hemp farming all the way to third-party laboratory testing. It's why we're the most trusted and recommended cannabinoid therapy by healthcare providers.

At Corganics®, we offer the latest product delivery innovation. For example, the nano-emulsification process used to manufacture our broad spectrum CBD softgels helps to ensure maximum absorption and bioavailability. Our nanoemulsions include a water-soluble formula that uses optimized composition and a unique process to manufacture. The average size of our CBD oil droplet in this form is 25 nanometers, compared with 100-5000 nanometers that is usually obtained by using the industry standard liposomal delivery method.


  • Highest Quality for Healthcare Professionals - Our products are available exclusively through healthcare professionals

  • Vigorously Tested - All of our CBD is tested by a third-party laboratory for pesticides, heavy metals, potency, and microbials.

  • Consistent & Reliable - We control our entire supply chain, including farming, extraction, purification, product manufacturing, and laboratory testing.

  • Nanotechnology - The small size of the nanoemulsion CBD oil used in our softgels leads to much higher absorption in the bloodstream.

  • Safe & THC-Free - Our CBD is non-psychoactive while still delivering optimal results through the entourage effect.

  • USA-Grown Hemp - All of the hemp used to create our clinical CBD products is grown in the USA under strict quality control standards.

Corganics can be purchased in office or online at Corganics using code LAGNIAPPE.

Corganics Clinical CBD Cream - $81

Corganics Clinical CBD Softgels - $99

Corganics Clinical CBD Drops - $110

Corganics 2 product kit - Cream and Softgels - $171

Corganics 3 product kit - Cream, Softgels, and Drops - $279








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